HotspotShield VPN & Wifi Proxy Recenzje App

Easy to use

It’s easy and convenient to use. And it’s free!


It’s expensive for 3rd world

One of the best!

It’s Great!

Very Difficult to Upgrade

I’ve been trying to upgrade my version on my Mac for some time, since the service is refusing to work or let me go online without upgrading. But despite signing in to my account and trying to find a way to simply update the application, there appears to be no easy or evident way to do this. The application still appears to work on my phone, but not on my Mac. I guess my next step is to uninstall and try re-installing - but I’m skeptical this will even work.

Parasitic app

It doesn’t have the option to close from the menu bar, therefore im unable to remove the app. I am pretty sure ill find a way to do so but it took 15m of my time already. Keeps forcing to buy a plan, annoying stuff.

Best vpn out there

Super easy to use, and a very fair price. Iv’e always used this and always will. Simple to use, click of a button and lots of customization.

we have to let you go !

I had this for years, it work ,but i did some upgrades to my Mac and front there down hill , contact help desk and yes got reponce that they working on it , but does all they say beyong that i got sick of watiing and decide to give some else a try ,and so far it works the new VPN to bad hotspo we yes need better service and no keep customers waiting for over 2 weeks .

Great Application! Enjoy it

The updated version works good!

WIll not Let me uninstall this App.

Charges for a VPN: You can make a VPN yourself for Free. Main problem is that I cannot uninstall the App after many attempts.


Not Free, Not Unlimited. You get a week free, if you attach you credit card. BS and lies. Literal criminals.


money worth!!!!

happy with the app

I really like this app, even in Iran it is working very well

great app


Easy To Use

Easy to Use and Great Interface, actually works

It’s pretty good! But, less feature than Chrome extension version?

I am a annual subcription user of Hotspot shield! I love this app! But, I just observed that the hotspot shield on Google Chrome extension has more feature than the desktop version. The Chrome version has malware blocker, ad blocker, tracker blocker, etc. I cannot find any of those feature on Desktop version. Is it because those features are in beta version and Desktop version will only implement those feature not in beta?

Excellent service!

I’ve had the paid premium version of Hotspot Shield for 5 years during which time it has delivered great service. It is relatively unobtrusive and rarely misfires. There is no apparent slowdown in speed. I recommend paying a one-time lifetime fee and saving money over the monthly or yearly billing. I have contacted customer service only 2 times and they responded smoothly and quickly to resolve my issue. All in all, this is an excellent vpn that keeps it promise.

This is so frustrating

There is no clear way of canceling your subscription. I signed up for the trial, but I wasn’t really satified with the product, so I went to cancel it. Through searching how to cancel my account, I accidentally signed up for another full month. PLEASE make it easier to cancel a subscription if you don’t want this!!! It shouldn’t be this hard! I spent two hours trying to figure it out! I’d like my money back.

Shady App

The company advertises a free version, but when you open the app it’s nowhere to be found and it doesn’t let you close it, so there’s no way to uninstall without starting up a ‘free’ trial (that charges you after 7 days). I finally had to open up activity monitor, close it there, and then uninstall the app. An abomination. Very skeevy.

Thanks for free app AND free customer service

I love this app and it’s always fast enough for me, even the free version. I had an issue where it didn’t seem to work unless I bought the pay version. I wrote to them and they kept writing back and helping, but I never figured it out. Then I just waited and it all worked again. Never sure what I did. It was nice that they kept answering me although I wasn’t a pay customer. I haven’t noticed any pop ups at all, so I don’t understand that. Oh, I guess they ask for reviews… I forgot. I think it happened again and again I just waited and everything started working again. But basically It’s a good app, and I appreciate customer service.

Pretty good, better than others

Seems pretty good most of the time. Love the alerts. Don’t love that some things don’t work when it’s on and that sometimes it slows to a halt.

Great Application

This is by FAR the best VPN i have ever used. I recommend it highly !!! do yourself a favor, download it , test it and buy it 1

Caught in a Catch 22

I live in a sanctioned country, and can’t update the app without a VPN running. But when i have it running, system tells me it can’t update because the extrnsions are in use 🤔🙄😒

it is cool

it is good app for VPN i like it

Rubbish nowadays

It says I’m connected to United States, but just a quick IP lookup shows my location is actually Germany. That’s just misleading and wrong.

Works, but sometime caanot connect certain location

The app works most time, but sometime if you choose another location, and the app cannot connect to it, you are in trouble! Please fix this bug, and have people able to pick a location before tap the button to make the connection.

Don’t install this

I use a macbook air, and all apps that i downloaded work except this one. I can’t even uninstall this and its taking up lots of space. :( ;(

Does what it says it’ll do easily

I bought this for my iMac and it’s sister version on the iPad/iPhone. All of them work flawlessly. It’s simple, if you need a VPN on your Apple products this one will work and work well. It’s used all the time.

UPDATED 5/25/18: excellent customer service

UPDATED REVIEW 5/25/2018: Raising rating from 4 to 5 stars. Finally happy to report that I am over 95% satisfied with the performance of this app, and of course remain 100% satisfied with the ongoing excellent customer service. Previously noted issues in my older reviews are now resolved, hopefully for good. If not, I’ll be back here. UPDATED REVIEW 5/16/2018: Previous rogue data dump eating up my cellular data allowance may have been due to OS reporting of statistics, and sharing of ‘crash’ data with app providers. I just disabled these in my ‘System Preferences’ -> ‘Security & Privacy’ -> ‘Privacy’. They were enabled during the recent OS update. The high data stream (in less than a minute: >200MB received, >100MB sent) stopped immediately. Hotspot Shield appears now, so far at least, not to have been the cause so I am restoring my rating back to 4 stars. Still keeping a vigilant eye on data transfers. UPDATED REVIEW 5/11/2018: Just now wtinessed a turn for the worse with return to an old pattern I had previously seen go away. Tracked down a mysterious data transfer exceeding 100MB in only a few minutes. I kept shutting down potential culprit apps until it became clear the problem was due to my use of a US Server through my HotSpot VPN profile. Switching to a different country server caused the problem to stop. Is this malevolent activity? It certainly seems so. Too bad I had to burn 100MB of my cellular data allowance to figure out how to stop it. Anchor Free, please fix this. Maybe your US Server is the culprit, and not you? Please figure it out. Knocking down my rating from 4 to 2 stars. OLD REVIEW:This review ignores some prior trials and tribulations I’ve with the app over several years now as it is very much improved beginning around March 2018. Only two complaints need to be addressed and I will raise my rating from four to five stars: stop asking multiple times for reviews, even though the frequency of these requests is greatly reduced now; address an issue with my iPhone version of the app when it is in enabled-mode and tries unsuccessfully and unrelentingly to connect to a publically available subscription WiFi service that I use, preventing me from using my phone/map apps linkage to find route directions. I have to fiddle with the iPhone, eventually shutting off WiFi in order to get this app to cease and desist. The fiddling takes a frustrating 60 seconds or so. With a consistently strong WiFi signal with or without the app enabled, or with the weaker subject subscription WiFi and the app disabled (defaults to Cellular Data), this issue does not happen.


Copied from another user. My thoughts exactly: Yeah, the VPN work fine and I like it. What I am absolutely sick of is the persistent, annoying, irritating, demanding popup that happens anytime you interact with the program. Look at some other reviews. Other people feel the same way. I don’t do reviews and ratings but I actually gave it a 1 star rating previously just to put an end to the annoying popup. It worked for a while but when the next upgrade happened, it’s back to the nagging and begging. It’s an extra click and an extra 2 seconds every time I use it. I hate this aspect of HotSpot Shield. I have more and better things to do than to than have an application continually push me to give a rating - especially when I have already done so. HotSpot Shield management and developers: you are alienating your customers. Your software is suppsed to serve your customers. We are not here to serve you in your desire for ratings. Your attempts at social engineering of your customer’s behavior demonstrates a profound lack of respect for the people who pay you and who you are supposed to serve. HOTSPOT SHIELD CUSTOMERS - please give HotSpot Shield a 1 star rating until they fix this issue and start displaying a more respectful way of requesting a rating or review.

Deceptive Misleading Unauthroized Subscription

Hotspot VPN on the iTunes App Store engages in misleading and deceptive practices that ultimately lead to monthly charges without authorization. The initial install of the app suggests you get a free trial period but then the prompts mislead you into a monthly subscription while making you believe it is a free trial. Before you know it you are being charged a monthly fee.


I am seeing all bad reviews about them forcing you to review them. I have been using the old version, with old plans. Not as expensive as the new plans. I am being forced to upgrade now, but I cannot enter my own account to cancel my subscribtion that was recently renewed. This means, they want to charge twice now. I am deleting the whole app from my computer and will install something less intrusive than these guys desperate to get customers in a pushy way.

It just works

Works well from various countries - upgrades over the past year are effective.

Functionality GONE

The previous app worked fine (and just auto-renewed itself for another year) but now after updating April 27, 2018, pages do not load and app is now utterly useless. Time to find another VPN and no way to get my money back. What a horrific way to end a paying customer’s business and ruin the app. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP!!!



Good stuff

Good stuff

Really Great!

I have used this VPN for a while now and its always worked perfectly for me Ive never had any troubles and it works exactly how it is supossed to! I 100% reccommend this VPN!

Review hungry!!!

This app is not cheap. So after paying the premium price on it you would expect no pop ups right? WRONG! nearly EVERYTIME u want to interact with the app you get a pop up asking you to review the app on the app and in the itunes store if you guys keep nagging me for a review in this way i’ll keep giving you horrible reviews. I paid for the app. THATS IT! show some class and dont obstruct me from using the app unless i review, thats ridiclous and I’m not gonna ignore them, i will give you the worst rating possible until you stop this ridiculousness.

Works like a charm!

HotSpotShield VPN is simple to use and does what it claims to do. I would, however, appreciate a hot-key activation and deactivation feature. Hoping that's to come!

Straight forward protection

I’ve been so completely and utterly drained by searching for VPN protection that suits my familys needs, spending hours and hours fuming over confusing technicalities and completely unnecessary prices. I downloaded the app and gave the free trial a go and immediately knew I'd found my new service, HotSpotShield is the easiest VPN to operate that I’ve ever experienced, and I’ve noticed absolutely no negative effects on my connections or workflow running on a mid-2010 MacBook Pro 15”. The prices are still a tad steep for long term subscriptions but I’ll make my decision which option fits my budget before this trial is up. You just can’t beat the simplicity IME, Thanks!

Version is free, but doesn’t work - what’s the point?

I downloaded the latest supposedly free version, but it just keep cycling through the options of VPN connections without actually connecting. I wish developers would not say there was a free version if there really isn’t one. This certainly doesn’t encourage me to purchase the paid option.


*thumbs up*


what can i say for $100 bucks one time pay is better then paying a mo/ severs it doesnt slow down my speed i havent in counter any issues theres always room for improvements however is just small problem they don’t tell you or shows it on there website hotspot shield doesn’t support ipv6 while connected it disconnect and reconnect it doeesn’t play well it with ipv6 and vpn you must! disable ipv6

100% uptime


Reliable, Fast and generious daily data limit for free version

I have been using this program , now an app as well for many years . Both the elite and free versions are the most reliable VPN you will ever have. I reccomend upgrading , trust me its so worth it !! Altough the free version is so reliable you will thank me for either subscription

Free version with LAN

The free version works great while connected via LAN with a highspeed fiber optics connection. It was 30mbps rather than 100, but that’s more than enough to stream US netflix while abroad, etc. I would love to try the Elite version at some point.


this is nice

best vpn

i have gone threw so many vpns and this is by far the easest and fastest that i have come across

Annoying rating requests

I like the way this VPN works. It is very user friendly, does the job very well and is very reliable. Would have given it 4 or 5 stars, but the endless requests for reviews are getting to be very annoying, especially since I pay for the elite version of HotSpot Shield. Can’t even disconnect the VPN without giving a rating first.


Very good!

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