HotspotShield VPN & Wifi Proxy App Reviews

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Buggy garbage.

Terrible. HAd the old app which was fine for years but recently started having issues (apparently they changed the user name format from an assigned user name to your email address, but neglected to actually tell the users this). So I downloaded this verison instead which is EVEN WORSE. It keeps bugging me to install the configuration profile (it’s installed three times already), says it knows I’m an “Elite” (paid) user but download speed topped out at 1.4 Mbps. Nice. Also, you can’t submit a support ticket unless connected to the VPN. Just garbage. Avoid like the plague.

Great VPN

I used this VPN to get past the firewall in China. Works great!

ok, but slow!

Work fine, but it is slow. Sometimes it will start opening new adds pages by itself.

Bad app

Dont use this its a big scam does not do what it says or helps you

It will need to pay after 7 days trail. by the way, thanks!

It will need to pay after 7 days trail. by the way, thanks! Looking for a free VPN service App for my MBP.

Doesnt work

Got it on my macbook and I still can’t go on the websites I want

Reliable but...

Solid delivery and pretty reliable, but still having isues with double billing. Too many requests for reviews….

best vpn

work great while im at my office for video viewing

The best program ever

THis app is the best thing tha have ever happened to me, and I hope the y don’t change any thing in the updates, because this app is perfect

It just works

Easy to setup, easy to use and best of all it just works :-)


A must-have app!

US location failed !!!

First days working fine but the last days I cannot connect to US location, they send me to GERMANY !!!!!!!! It’s a shame for an elite service, so good bye, i’m loosing my money with this shamefull service VPN. Automatic reconduction : OFF !!!

Works really great

I use it for more than twelve months and it works really fine and it’s really easy to use It’s a must have!

Best VPN Program Available for MAC

Works perfectly to emulate a International VPN Connection

Don’t want to pay for Elite

Hunk of junk...

Very reliable

I have used HotSpot Shield for one year and today, as my subscription ended, I renewed it without hesitation. Such is the level of reliability found over the past 12 months. I need to use public networks often, as my line of work requieres mobility, and never found any problem. Fast and without fuss.

Still has problems

Installed the latest version. I can connect to GB and Japanese VPN Servers but still cannot get connected to the US servers.

Dont get this

First review ever. This app is useless. Might have some success one or two times but the app quickly becomes far more trouble than its worth. I sincerely wish i never pursued this app. 0/5

Previous versions were way much better

previous versions were way much better than this one. this doesn’t stay connected all the time. keep disconnecting on you. before it was really good. I don’t know why would they change it?


I have only had this for one day and i am very impressed. I used to live in the UK, and loved watching shows like Coronation Street, Eastenders, Britain’s Got Talent, The X Factor, Im a celebrity, celebrity juice (the lemon head is hilarious), but my favourite shows right now are The Cube and Saturday Night Takeaway. Not only am i pleased that i can watch all of these shows on my mac now, but what makes me even happier is that i dont have to put windows on my mac just to get these shows anymore. I HATE WINDOWS WITH A PASSION If you’re from the UK like me or anywhere else outside of canada, this app is for you

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